Black-Capped Chickadees in Ultraviolet

Prolefeed Studios recently received a grant from the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology to study the plumage of Black-Capped Chickadees (Poecile atricapillus) under reflected sunlight in the near ultraviolet spectrum (300-400 nanometers). Many birds and insects can see a wider range of electromagnetic radiation than humans can, including the 300-400nm band. Several researchers have theorized that Chickadees, which appear uniformly black and grey to the human eye, might exhibit more distinctive markings under UV illumination. Continue reading “Black-Capped Chickadees in Ultraviolet”

Blink! Again a Smash at Wisconsin Film Festival

Thanks to all of you who came out to the Bartell Theater last Thursday for the screening of Blink! Again, The Bells of Bascom Hill and At the Table at the Wisconsin Film Festival. We had a sell-out crowd, artist Tim Browning in attendance, and a terrific discussion after the show. The Capital Times’ Lindsay Christians has a nice write up in 77 Square. Christians calls Blink! Again “a love letter to (Madison’s) quirky, delightful folks.”

We also got some good advance coverage from Wisconsin Public Television’s Director’s Cut. If you missed the broadcast on WPT, you can view Charles Monroe-Kane’s interview with Wisconsin Film Festival director Meg Hamel and several film directors, including Blink! Again’s Brian Standing online at the WPT website. We also got some nice coverage from the Badger Herald and WKOW-TV

Keep your eyes peeled for more screenings of Blink! Again around town this summer.

Pip Starr, Rest In Peace

Prolefeed Studios only belatedly learned of the January 22, 2008 death of Melbourne, Australia filmmaker Pip Starr.

20080318-Pip anti nuc shirt

Electric Eye Cinema audiences will remember Pip’s work with Bill Runting, including Fight For Country (screened 3/26/2004 at Electric Eye Cinema), as well as his Open Reel Hour submissions, A Certain Point and Through the Wire.

More information about Pip and his untimely passing is available at Sydney’s Indymedia website. Our deepest condolences to Pip’s friends, colleagues and family. Pip left behind a powerful legacy of inspirational work.

We Are Wisconsin: Real Democracy Now!

June 10, 2011. Wisconsin protesters at the Solidarity Sing Along recite portions of the Democracia Real Ya! manifesto in solidarity with protesters against “austerity” cuts in the Badger State and across the globe. I think I can help. Together I know we can. Continue reading “We Are Wisconsin: Real Democracy Now!”

Wild Turkeys by Shea Standing

Shea Standing, director of 2004’s Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla vs. MegaloGodzilla, returns to Prolefeed Studios with a 6-minute radio documentary on wild turkeys at the University of Wisconsin Arboretum. Wild Turkeys originally aired on WORT’s (89.9FM, Madison WI) In Our Backyard on 4/9/08.

Play Wild Turkeys now:


You can also download an MP3 file of Shea’s report in 128kbps or 56kbps.

For more information about wild turkeys, including online audio recording of turkey gobbles, visit the Macaulay Library at the Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology.

20080411-shea with audio gear_thumb 20080411-shea stalking turkeys small20080411-3 turkeys small