Caffeinated Posse

(2002, Brian Standing, 20 minutes)

Jonathan Zarov joins jugglers, hula-hoopers, drummers and bass cellists in a mad dash across Madison, WI coffee shops to raise money for community radio WORT 89.9 FM. Continue reading “Caffeinated Posse”

Car-Free Klezmer

(2008, Brian Standing, 23 minutes)

Madison-based Klezmer mavens Yid Vicious spent a week taking their music to the city’s streets, bike paths, and bus stops, to the surprise, delight, and sometimes bleary-eyed confusion of commuters. Continue reading “Car-Free Klezmer”

We Are Wisconsin: Real Democracy Now!

June 10, 2011. Wisconsin protesters at the Solidarity Sing Along recite portions of the Democracia Real Ya! manifesto in solidarity with protesters against “austerity” cuts in the Badger State and across the globe. I think I can help. Together I know we can. Continue reading “We Are Wisconsin: Real Democracy Now!”